What is a Snuggly Bag?

Suzanne Young is the founder of “Snuggly Bags by Ellie” and knows the love of family is everything.

In August 2008 her special needs grand-daughter Ellie was born. For several years the family could purchase sleeping bags for her. Once she was older there were no commercial sleeping bags available.

Having worked in many facets of the fashion industry including manufacturing, Suzanne did what any Grandmother, with the knowledge she had would do. She started making sleeping bags for Ellie.

Ellie is now 12 years old and still sleeps in a sleeping bag and Suzanne makes them for her.

Speaking to parents not only of special needs children, but children in general, staying under blankets can be quite a challenge.

After the years of making Ellies special sleeping bags Suzanne feels she knows exactly how she wanted them to be. Soft, warm, most of all comfortable and definitely suitable for all children.