Snuggly Bags-Warm & Cozy

Special needs children can have many unique requirements, some complex and some more simple.

Children who have temperature dysregulation need products to keep their bodies warm, without the danger of over-heating. Poor circulation, wearing AFOs, spasticity or muscle tone issues are factors in developing cold extremities. Temperature dysregulation is one that can be easier to deal with. Overnight or during rest periods a zip-up sleeping bag can help maintain body temperature

Designed to keep the entire body, arms and legs covered as the child’s temperature drops during sleep. Snuggly Bags come in different weights or tog ratings for different climates. A sleeping bag with a 2.5 tog rating is suitable for Winter in Australia, 1.5 tog is more for Spring and Autumn. Both are made from 100% cotton jersey with polyester wadding. A Summer sleeping bag of woven 100% cotton is great for high Summer, it’s just like having a sheet over the body that stays in place all night. PJ’s can be adjusted to suit the weather on any given night. Find out more about tog rating here :

Snuggly Bags have plenty of length and legroom to give the child the freedom to move around, no one wants to have their legs cramped. The long sleeves have a fold-over cuff to help keep fingers warm on the coldest nights. Another design feature in Snuggly Bags is the two-way zip, it can be opened or closed from either end. Great for easy access without disturbing the wearer.

Snuggly Bags are not weighted but do have weight in themselves. Because the child is wearing the Snuggly Bag the need for weighting is lessened. Sleeping bags do not need to be tucked in, don’t fall off through the night and are cozy warm. Keeping warm is key to a good night’s sleep for everyone. If your child is warm and comfy and sleeps all night, you will too. Your child is in a sleeping bag that travels with them as they move around the bed through the night, this means they will stay covered and therefore warm. That’s a win for everyone.

Snuggly Bags have been designed after working with my son and daughter-in-law whose daughter (my granddaughter) has special needs. Once she outgrew baby sleeping bag’s available in the stores we started working on making sleeping bags for her. That was 7 years ago and after many design amendments, we have the Snuggly Bag of today. Comfy and made from 100% cotton Snuggly Bags are the perfect way to keep your child warm all night.

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